Druart, the artisan chocolate maker introduces a new"generation of chocolate", a "generation of good taste" featuring new sweet and bitter flavours, crisp lightness and subtle scents;unexpected and delicate flavours:

a new balance has been struck.



Never disappointed with DRUART chocolates.

Our ingredients are regulary provided by the best suppliers.

They are carefully controled before use.

This is our "quality and freshness" guarantee.


The rich taste of our whole range of chocolates is safeguarded by the absence of coloring of sweeting agents.



Each DRUART chocolate is a culmination of harmony between good taste, freshness and know-how.







Press review


"...That great Belgian chocolate-maker cannot be missed !"*

                                                                      Guide Petit Futé: Guide du chocolat


"Worth visiting."*

Chocolat belge  de J.Mercier éd La Renaissance du livre


"Camille's chocolates have higly putre tastes.

 The original mixtures are naturally parfumed."*

JP Gabriel-Le Vif-l'Express 


"Vintage: The chocolate-maker from Angreau realizes a perfect harmony mixing real black chocolate with tannin like a "Cru Bourgeois" Medoc."*

Le Vif-l'Express 


"The chocolates ("pralines") from Angreau melt in the most famous and finest palates."*

Myriam Depaux


"Angreau, the chocolate's High Place."*

Nord Eclair


"...Experts regulary call at the little shop in Angreau."*

Agnès Michel





Historical background


As a young graduate in 1982 from the best Catering School in Belgium, Namur (first chief cook of its promotion and obtains the first price of kitchen), and Lenôtre School, Camille Druart wanted to start his professional life in the way of the famous Bocuse, when sudden and^passionate love kept him at home..

A few years before, Camille's mother, who had just retired, decided to occupy her free-time by making chocolate.

After a period of training at a old chocolate maker's, she decided to ocupy the barn in her family house and started to make her own chocolates ("pralines") with a very basic material.

A immediate success, wich took an unexpected extend, rewarded her labour.


Consequently, Mrs Druart had her son with his back to wall (the one where you can see the chocolate-maker, of course...

Either he had to take over his mother's activities, or she had to reduce her production strongly..


Camille, big traveller, always on the move, wanted some reflexion and went to think it over China

He met there a young women, Doctor of maths.

They got on so well together that he brought her back in his luggage. and decided to...make her chocolates during his whole life

Camille started principally to make "top-quality" chocolates.

He has, however, an excellent knowledge of "chocolate" as a whole.

Camille Druart mostly likes associating chocolate with some unusual ingredients as thyme, laurel, basilic or even Kriek beer.

And when the chocolate-maker becomes cook, he can concoct, for example, roe deer with pepper sauce mixed with butter and cocolate.

Last but not least, Druart is particulary in favour of associating wine with chocolate, and therefore advise you to appreciated your truffles quietly with a good glass of red wine, or taste his creation:

"Le Carré Amer au Vin de Bordeaux.


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